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4 World Kendo Network Tour

On January 20-21st we had the pleasure to host sensei Donatella Castelli and Maruyama Kouichi in Wrocław, who led a kendo seminar, as part of the World Kendo Network Tour. The coaches could also count on the support of Tetsuyuki Okuzono sensei, well known for Polish players. There was really positive atmosphere during all trainings and Sunday`s friendly tournament. We are sure that fourth WKN meeting will certainly be well remembered by all participants. Thank you!

4 World Kendo Network Tour - Photos
Photos by: Grażyna Pogorzelska

Nami Kendo Taikai 2017

From Sep 30th to Oct 1st 2017 Nami Foundation in cooperation with EU-Japan Fest Committee organized international tournament Nami Kendo Taikai. Over 78 kendokas from different countries (such as Israel, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Hungary, Italy and of course Poland) participated in this competition. We had the honor to host Tadanori Sugawara (7th dan kendo kyoshi) as chief judge of the event. He came from Tokyo in a company of sensei Shimodaira Shinichiro (also 7th dan kendo kyoshi).

Beside organizational success (this event is one of greatest in this part of Europe), we can also be proud of our kendokas who performed very well in different age groups:

In category "Youngster" Darek Kaniewski took 2nd Place. In category „Junior" Zuzanna Krawczyk took 3rd place and received "best fighting spirit" award. In category „Young" Mateusz Niewiadomski took 2nd place and received "best fighting spirit" award.

Additionally, Piotruś Kuźniar received a prize for youngest tournament participant.

This took place on Saturday. On Sunday kyou exams were conducted.

With great pleasure we would like to announce following kendokas from Ryushinkai passed their exams:

Piotr Kruczek - 5 kyu
Ala Mertuszka - 3 kyu
Mateusz Niewiadomski - 1 kyu
Grzegorz Łotysz - 1 kyu

Additionally, team tournament took place in which participated 17 teams. Ryushinkai representants: Niewiadomski, Wiewiórski and Górski performed way above average and took 5th place.

Last competition during this event was "Journey to Japan" tournament. The main prize was: one week trip to Japan and training under the guidance of Sugawara sensei. In final Mateusz Niewiadomski fought with Maurycy Kaczor from UKS Łódź. With score 2:1 Maurycy won and he will be the one to go to Japan next year.

Great congratulations to everybody!

More information and photos on: NAMI Kendo Taikai

Good news from Budapest!

During kendo seminar in the capitol of Hungary that was part of “Hungary Cup” sensei from our Dojo, Julian Górski took dan degree exam (on 22nd of July).

With great pleasure, we would like to announce his success and achieving 4th dan.

Great congratulations, we are proud of you!

Yamashiro Sensei Kendo Gasshuku 2017

On days 14th – 16th of July we had a great honor to welcome sensei of our club – Yamashiro Hironobu from Sapporo (8th kendo dan Hanshi) – for the third time.

During nationwide seminar of kendokas in Wrocław Sensei shared his knowledge about basic and advanced aspects of kendo art based on his personal ways of teaching.
Thanks to his instructions we gained experience and knowledge which will surely help us during the season to come.

It is worth to mention that many kendokas participated (over 65 people)in this event despite the fact it took place during the holiday season.

Organizers were praised by all participants.

Thank you very much and we hope to see you next year!

Kendo at Nihon No Nami

During weekend 10th to 11th of June NAMI Foundation organized big Japanese Culture Festival in Impart theatre in Wrocław – Nihon No Nami. Kendokas from our club also participated in this event.

Full photo report is available on NAMI Foundation Facebook profile.
Galeria Fundacji Nami

April and May 2017

April and May 2017 were very successful months for our club!

Beginning with an excellent performance of Mateusz Niewiadomski during “Los Trios” tournament that took place on 1st of April in Ostrów Wielkopolski. A team of three that included Michał Rajczak (Łódź), Michał Jaśtak (Poznań) and Mateusz ended as second best.

Not even week later we had another occasion to celebrate.

During big tournament (over 180 participants) in Zsamberk – Hungary, Asia Morawska turned out to be best among all female kendokas. What is more,Ala Mertuszka won a bronze medal in kihon category.

Our biggest achievement during this season had place during competition in Wisła (6th-7th of May). During this most prestigious tournament in Poland – Genryoku Cup – Ryushinkai team which consisted of Wiktor Wiewiórski (sempo), Asia Morawska (chukken) and Mateusz Niewiadomski (taisho) took first place in teams’ competition.

We can also speak of great success in the individual category. Mateusz took third place, Piotr Włodarczyk second and Wiktor was first!

Those achievements are the result of very hard work during training and undoubtedly great team spirit of Ryushinkai.


Ryushinkai on "2nd Tomoe Cup" in Warsaw

On Saturday February 18th ladies from Ryushinkai club took part in „Tomoe Cup” tournament in Warsaw. Asia Morawska, Ala Meruszka, Zuzanna Krawczyk, Dominika Zajączkowska, Ola Mikołajczyk, Natalia Wiatrowska and Julia Aleksandrowicz represented our dojo during this event. Tournament was divided into four categories: beginners, kyu, dan and teems of three.

In “begginers” category Ala won and Zuzanna took second place.

In kyu category despite fact we did not reach top three, girls presented very high level and good fighting skills, especially taking into account it was their first kendo tournament.

Asia Morawska in dan category won in her elimination group and made it up to quarterfinals, giving ground to the winner of whole tournament Monika Stachowicz from Shodokan Olsztyn. Seeing her attitude referees decided to award Asia with kantosho prize (fighting spirit).

Congratulations to all ladies!

Big success of Ruyshinkai during International Kyu Tournament in Berlin.

Performance of our club members during International Kyu Tournament in Berlin on 3rd of December 2016 can be counted as a great success. Over 60 contenders participated in tournament, whereof 5 from Ryushinkai Dojo: Wiktor Wiewiórski, Paweł Komorowski, Mateusz Niewiadomski, Paweł Skoliński and Dominik Popiel. As always Julian Górski was watching over our kendokas. After tough duels, with very strong opponents Mateusz was able to take 2nd place and Wiktor 5th.

Congratulations for both!

Top three were:

1st Anton Neeb (Yoshinjuku, Berlin)
2nd Mateusz Niewiadomski (Ryushinkai, Wrocław)
3rd Dirk Wippermann (Kôbukai, Berlin) / Savas Cihan (Tekkeikan, Berlin)

Kantosho: Yukiko Morimoto (Kokugikan, Berlin)

Yamashiro sensei seminar 2016

In September for the second time in the history of our club, we had the honor to host Yamashiro Hironobu sensei (8th dan kendo hanshi).

Sensei came to us from Sapporo in the company of his assistants: Wakamatsu Masami (7th dan) and Hidefumi Ishizaka (6th dan). During two-day seminar (23-24.09) he was accompanied by two Japanese instructors from Saitama: Hiaso Horiguchi (7th dan) and Saito Yuichi (6th dan).

The knowledge that sensei Yamashiro offered to kendokas from Poland and Europe (over 90 people took part in seminaries) was priceless. Sensei mostly focused on basics of kendo and correct, coordinated bodywork during every single cut. Thanks to his charisma and ability to reach everybody sensei`s wisdom will be remembered for a very long time. We already look forward to his next visit next year.

On the 25th of September second edition of Nami Taikai took place in Wrocław. There were three categories: kyu, dan, and teams of three. Members of Ryushinkai performed very well: Mateusz Niewiadomski won in kyu category and Wiktor Wiewiórski was right behind, taking second place. What is more Joanna Morawska was honored with kantosho prize for her fighting spirit. All tournament results can be found on Nami foundation facebook profile.

Whole event was organized by Polish-Japanese friendship foundation -NAMI in cooperation with ESK Wrocław 2016 and EU-Japan Committee.
Honorary patronage: President of Wrocław and Embassy of Japan in Poland.
Prizes were sponsored by kendo accessory shop Nine Circles and Akademia Bonsai.

Thank you very much!

24th January 2016
32 of Ryushinkai Wrocław kendo adepts have attended today kendo kyu grades exam in front of committee of examiners composed of:
Maciej Murzyniec - 5 dan Doshinkan Kraków
Jurek Nawrot - 3 dan Tengukai Poznań
Julian Górski - 3 dan Ryushinkai Wrocław
29 of them succesfully passed gaining new grades 6th to 1st kyu.

photo Maciej Pogorzelski

24st October 2015
Ryushinkai Wroclaw kendo team took part in Polish Kendo Team Championships, held at Sopot.
That day was really good for us – we took 6th place in overall score.
Our team luckily passed group eliminations, which is good result, becouse it was our start in such the event.
Congratulations for whole team: Julian, Łukasz, Grzesiek, Wiktor, Mateusz and Asia



1st November 2015
At the end of September (23-26) we had a great pleasure to invite our sensei from Sapporo: Hironobu Yamashiro (8th dan Hanshi) and Ishizaka Hidefumi (6th dan).
They conducted very interesting kendo trainings and provided a great deal of knowledge.
On 26th of September, we organized „Nami Kendo Taikai”, big tournament in three categories: kyu, dan and team.
In kyu category, Łukasz Burzyński from Ryushinkai met in final match his friend from the same club – Mateusz Niewiadomski.
Finally, Łukasz won and took the first place, while Mateusz took second.


22th June 2015
Kendoka from Ryushinkai once again achieved sport success, this time it was Open Polish Kendo Championships in Junior and Youth category, held in Bydgoszcz.
Our club was represented by:
Darek Kaniewski, Filip Bieniek, Kinga Lipska, Asia Morawska, Wiktor Wiewiórski, Mateusz Niewiadomski and Julian Gorski as a coach.
We are pleased to announce that:
Darek Kaniewski took 2nd place in the youngest Junior category.
Filip Bieniek took 3rd place in the Junior category.
All players played very well, positively passed group eliminations in their categories.
Mateusz reached 1/8 final.


7th May 2015
The performance of Ryushinkai Club at the Genryoku Cup (2-3 May), one of the largest Polish kendo tournaments, brought two significant achievements in the kyu category – Grzegorz Łotysz took second place, while Piotr Wlodarczyk won kantosho (best fighting spirit)! Also attending the tournament were Joanna Morawska, Konrad Rozycki, Michal Orynicz, Rafal Iwanecki, Kuba Antczak, Zdzislaw Koczarski, Mateusz Niewiadomski and Julian Gorski, who was also coach of Team Wroclaw as well as one of the tournament judges. In addition, we were accompanied by Kaoru and Hikaru Rozycka and Paulina Olewicz.
Congratulations to everyone who participated!


29th April 2015
Big success in the Animatsuri kendo Tournament - 25th of April. From our Dojo three kendoka took place in this event: Darek Kaniewski, Philip Bieniek and Mateusz Niewiadomski. Julian Gorski was both the coach of Wroclaw team and one of the judges of the tournament. Darek started in the Novice category, competed through precision in executing kirikaeshi and uchikomi-geiko. Darek bravely fought and showed high class of kendo, even though he failed to get out of the group. Filip passed qualifying group (in Junior category), reaching the semi-finals and taking third place. Mateusz took part in two categories: Youth, which ended at the quarter-finals, while in the category Kyu he took third place. Congratulations!

fot. Jan Kuźniar

6th March 2015
February was the month full of kendo presentations and workshops, performed by kendoka from our club.
We visited many places and events, for example: High School no 28, Manga Event in Wroclaw – „Love 6” and International Tourism Trade Show.
We are happy that becouse of our work, kendo becomes more popular in Wroclaw and Lower Silesia.
You can find more photos at Foundation NAMI profile on Facebook.

fot. Grażyna Krzywda-Pogorzelska

31th January 2015
Our kendoka fought well during Western League Kendo Competition, which took place on the last saturday of January. Grzegorz Łotysz took 3rd place in kyu category, which was won by Krzysztof Mróz from Yokokan Katowice. The winner of dan category was Sławomir Ostrowski from Fudoshin Opole. more photos available at: more photos

fot. Grażyna Krzywda-Pogorzelska

2nd December 2014
Kendo gasshuku led by Angela Papaccio (6th dan) was one of the best in this year. Training during 28th - 30th of November was really intensive - there were about 70 kendoka from all around Poland, including fourteen from our Dojo. Schedule included practice of many kendo techniques, ji-geiko and shiai-geiko. More photos available here:
more photos

fot. Grażyna Krzywda-Pogorzelska

17th November 2014
Kendoka from Ryushinkai kendo club had very good opportunity for training and developing their skills in the big meeting at Leszno town on 15th of November this year. Several houres under guidance of sensei: Andrzej Kustosz (6th dan), Jarosław Wolny (5th dan), Zbigniew Misiak (5th dan) allowed the players to know basics of kendo kata and tadashi kendo. More photos available here:
more photos

fot. Grażyna Krzywda-Pogorzelska

October 5th 2014
NAMI Airando

Members and volunteers of our kendo club took part in the big event called "Nami Airando" organized by Polish-Japanese Friendship Foundation NAMI. Event was held on 5th of October on the "Slodowa Island" in Wroclaw. During that day, full of Japanese attractions, our kendoka besides the show and workshops organized also competition for the audience - kiai shiai. Whole happening was really interesting for all Wroclaw citizens. More photos available at:
more photos

fot. Filip Franczyk

September 5th 2014
From the sixteenth of July to the first of September, Julian Gorski, representative of Polish-Japanese Friendship Foundation NAMI and instructor of Ryushinkai kendo club, stayed at Sapporo in purpose of improving his instructors and technicals skills. The aim of visitation was also to consolidate and develop relationship with japanese kendo teachers. We hope invite them to Poland in the nearest future. Kendo trainings took several hours at famous Sapporo Dojo, including Yoshinkan Dojo and Chuo Taiikukan Kendo Dojo.

fot. Julian Górski

Juni 15th 2014
Kendo gasshuku at Doshinkan Dojo

During kendo gasshuku at Dojo Doshinkan (Krakow, 14th - 15th of June), ten members of our club took part in kyu exams and shiai-geiko with really good result.

more informations:

fot. Jan Kałuża

June 2nd 2014
Kendo presentation at Japanese Garden

On May 25th, during beautiful sunday's afternoon, members of Ryushinkai club organized kendo presentation at Japanese Garden.

More photos

April 25th 2014
Training with Maciej Murzyniec

On April 25th, the kendo training at our Dojo was led by sensei Maciej Murzyniec (4th dan of kendo) from Krakow. It was a good oportunity to practice basics and ji-geiko. Next day sensei Maciej took part in kendo presentation at Japanese Garden in Wrocław

more photos

photo by Maciej Pogorzelski

January 5th 2014
Instructor of our kendo club, Julian Górski spent several days during december last year in Lindow (Germany), where the kangeiko (kendo sport meeting) took place. It was from 26th to 31th december and the trainings were really hard and intensive. Among kendo teachers, who led kangeiko were: Sensei Takeshi Tosu (8 Dan Kyoshi) and Sensei Makoto Matsuoka (7 Dan). We hope large part of gained knowledge during kangeiko will also spread among students of Ryushinkai kendo club.
At the end of kangeiko some kendoka took part in dan examinations, including Julian. He succeeded and now has 3rd dan degree. Congratulations!

photo by Jurek Nawrot

December 15th 2013
Last days we have had a good opportunity to present kendo at multicultural range: in the American School of Wroclaw – 29.11.2013 and in the Wroclaw International School – 11.12.2013. The shows and the workshops where attended by children from Japan, Korea, USA, Great Britain, Sweden, Russia and other countries.
This initiative places our club in the heart of the NAMI Foundation activities.

photo by Jarek Mykietyszyn

November 19th 2013
We’ve begun to popularize kendo in pre-schools of Wroclaw. Youngest children seems to be very interested - they respond spontaneously and joyfully. We consider this as a chance for recruitment future adepts of Japanese fencing.

photo by Grażyna Pogorzelska

November 1st 2013
Julian Górski about his visit in Sapporo:

During days: 19 September – 10 October I had the opportunity to practice kendo in Japan, in Capital of Hokkaido – Sapporo City. I trained very intensively, at the four dojos: Yoshinkan, Sapporo Chuo Taikukan, Chika Dojo and at the Hokkaido University Dojo. I had also very good opportunity to practice both basic and advanced techniques of kendo under guidance of following teachers: Yamashiro sensei (8th dan), Suzuki sensei (8th dan), Kunita sensei (7th dan), Eiga sensei (7th dan), Akikawa sensei (6th dan) and many others. I truly believe that my knowledge of kendo, which I gained during staying at Sapporo I will share among the adepts of our Ryushinkai Kendo Club.

September 1st 2013
Kendo Show by Ryushinkai in Wroclaw Japanese Garden

photo by Maciej Pogorzelski

The sports club Ryushinkai was established by The Polish–Japanese Friendship Foudation NAMI in order to popularize sport, improve players and to develope sport competitions of japanese martial arts, especially kendo – because kendo expresses Japanese spirit and tradition. The Management of the club develops international cooperation and takes care of keeping right connection with Japanese teachers.
We organize kendo trainings for children, young people and adults in Wroclaw

Kendo trainings in Wrocław:

High School No. 9, Piotra Skargi street 29/31:
• wednesdays 18:00–19:30
• sundays 09:00–10:00

High School No. 8, Zaporoska street 71:
• fridays 18:30–20:00

We warmly invite all Lower Silesia residents!

Please contact our kendo instructor:
Julian Gorski
e-mail: julian.gorski@fundacja-nami.pl
mobile phone number: +48 663 571 823

In the matters of Polish-Japanese integration and cultural exchange, contact NAMI Foundation:
e-mail: kontakt@fundacja-nami.pl

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